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coyoacan is one of 16 boroughs of mexico city. it’s name, in nahuatl, means ‘place of the coyotes’ and is where the aztecs named this pre-hispanic village mostly populated by the tepenec people. hernan cortes and the spanish used this area as their headquarters making it the capital of ‘new spain’ around 1523.  over the centuries the urban sprawl of mexico city developed around coyoacan leaving its’ cobble stone streets, alleys, plazas, gardens and many homes relatively intact amidst a vibrant, thriving bustling community. for locals or tourists, i can think of no better way to explore this gorgeous neighborhood than by bike. so we did. heathermarie’s friend febo, a professor of urban planning at the university, also operates a bike tour company and was our knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide/host. in the cool of mid-morning we breezed through the streets, taking in the sites, while febo explained  historical and social significances, often stopping along the way to explore gardens or alleys or doorways or whatever caught our eye. you get to cover so much more ground, breezing around by bike. we had a light lunch at a nearby cantina and afterwards, walked back to wander some more on own. febo and his mexico bike tour offer tours of other areas i would’ve liked to explore, had i the time. next visit. when you visit mexico city i highly recommend adding their bike tour to your list of must-see + do’s.

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echo park craft fair: may 11 + 12 0


what a line-up!  this is sure to be another wonderful event. loads of great craft, collectibles, mother’s day offerings (- i’ll be there with everyw’air sprays and debuting some new creations), flora, edibles and talent.  PLUS a unique (especially for la) opportunity to roam the neighboring streets and explore interesting things; same location as the ’12 holiday fair, the arts district close to little tokyo, moca, metro line etc. so pace yourself and make a day of it!  look forward to seeing you there! oh, did i mention moon juice? and blue corn quesadillas???

821 east 3rd street, 90013

introducing: # 9. 
and the everyw’air sac #1! 

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aug 8 is the last day to view a staggering selection of art in the streets @ moca.-from box car tagging, ny wild style, subway train bombs,  stencil art, la calligraphy, photography -it’s exhaustive and invigorating and i cannot believe there’s not enough money to bring this ridunculously awesome, record-breakingly popular show to it’s birthplace -nyc. WTF brooklyn museum??? whatta g’wan? there were lines ’round the block. in LA! downtown was buzzing on a thursday night. parking lots full up at 6 pm! just sayin’. it’s a win-win, popular, all ages, all cultures show. BTW, banksy sponsored “free mondays” so tomorrow should be off the hizzle with peeps…but worth it. N-joy!


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i love street art. driving around la, not a day goes by when i don’t see something interesting. i grab my camera and shoot it before the light turns or -in the interest of public safety and points on my license, i drive around, pull over, then shoot. coming up in nyc in the 70’s/80’s i’ve seen my share of awesome graffiti/stencil art/murals etc  -it’s still in full effect there, thriving all over the world for that matter, but something is definitely brewing in la, here and now.

there’s an overview of the history of graffiti and street art – art in the streets at the geffen contemporary @ moca thru august 8, 2011. for more la street art, on the web, (-because if you’re here, just look around, it’s absolutely everywhere,) check melroseandfairfax.


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lotus graffiti


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