art in the streets 0

aug 8 is the last day to view a staggering selection of art in the streets @ moca.-from box car tagging, ny wild style, subway train bombs, ┬ástencil art, la calligraphy, photography -it’s exhaustive and invigorating and i cannot believe there’s not enough money to bring this ridunculously awesome, record-breakingly popular show to it’s birthplace -nyc. WTF brooklyn museum??? whatta g’wan? there were lines ’round the block. in LA! downtown was buzzing on a thursday night. parking lots full up at 6 pm! just sayin’. it’s a win-win, popular, all ages, all cultures show. BTW, banksy sponsored “free mondays” so tomorrow should be off the hizzle with peeps…but worth it. N-joy!


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