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capricorn clearing. aries aeration. 2

high above the pch, on my way to visit my friend valerie, i happened upon our friend gretchen, just as she was receiving a herd of visiting goats (and sheep) for seasonal brush clearing.
new goats checking out the all-you-can-eat hillside buffet.
milo meets his neighbors. learns about electricity later.
many varieties. meet billy.(not his real name..)

ramses, again, not his real name…

the goats are domesticated and while non stop grazing, will also stay near your general vicinity. en masse.

the sheep, not so much. they keep to together. mind their own business.

valerie took me on an all too brief ‘highlight tour’ of a few her favorite hiking spots. note to self: get there – crack-of-dawn earlier next time…so many wonderful trails and views and places to just sit and be.
secret stairs to
a secret spot

good night goats and sheep. hope you have a grand time grazing, clearing and aerating. maybe other neighbors will host you after your time here. don’t get into too much mischief…i have a feeling there will be some tales to share about their adventures…i’ll keep you posted…


brentwood pitstop 1

whenever i’m west of westwood, i will find any excuse to make a pitstop through the brentwood country mart, see what’s shakin’. an indoor/outdoor cluster of shops and food is a throw back in time -to a calmer, low-key, more relaxed, “village main street” commercial experience. in curating this refined retail  + restaurant vortex someone had the good sense to include a mini post office, shoe repair, bookstore and  barber shop  -real neighborhood necessities with your luxuries, please and thank you. it’s says brentwood but i think it’s really santa monica, at least i feel ocean breezes. my most recent brief tour i stopped in post 26, roberta roller rabbit, pippa small and turpan -for my fashion, linen, jewelry and high design household needs, y’know.  making my rounds, i cut thru farmshop but alas, didn’t have time to stop. next visit i intend to indulge -the food is fresh and looks amazing plus there’s prepared foods and a butcher so treats to go. more on the eats later…swing by this thurs 9.8.11, early eve, for their fashion night out event featuring a special screening of bill cunningham new york film and the malia mills documentary short. should be fun…



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apricots & valentina 0

june is apricot time! and one of my favorite recipes is featured this month at site is an ever evolving fount of  information to inspire us to  lead healthier,  more eco-conscious, impact-ful lives in harmony with nature.  be sure to check out the june almanac filled with inspiring projects, books and films, great tips for health and the garden -i especially love priscilla’s eco garden tips for gardening by the moon phases!

speaking of gardens, did you know valentina, the super attractive compact composter designed by priscilla, now has a facebook fan page? be sure to “like” valentina at your  next opportunity! if you have one, post updates, share  your experiences.

valentina is the perfect size  for the micro gardener, like me,  working smaller spaces or in pots on terraces, landings, porches etc. here are my tomatoes, strawberries and herbs thriving from valentina‘s bounty.



K E L P! 0

from living intentionally, kelp: a prophylactic protocol for radiation emergencies




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container chaos

onward forward backward never.

tangled up


nader khalili 2

nader khalili architect, teacher extraordinaire, humanitarian, super-adobe inventor,  rumi translator.   today, we celebrate his time on earth.

arches. vaults. domes. earth. water. air. fire.

those seven ingredients,  basic understanding of the building site (earth content, wind, sun) plus human energy are all one needs to build a beautiful, sustainable structure that withstands and works with the elements.  cal-earth calls them eco-domes.

making this ancient knowledge compelling and accessible in modern times was nader’s greatest gift.

many people throughout the world are learning this technique to build sustainable, cost effective homes, emergency shelters in war-torn or disaster stricken places, schools and eco-tourism.

if you’re in southern california, visit cal-earth during their open house on the first saturday of every month.

earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise, rumi.