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sac 1, sac 2 + martha stewart american made + eBay = a good thing 0

sac 1, sac2 are now part of Martha Stewart’s eBay curation: Martha Stewart American Made. pinch me! before there was artisanal, seasonal,  super-charged, bio-dynamic, crystal filtered,  sustainable, local, heirloom –air, Martha Stewart has been championing American makers from day one. from her shows on  pbs, cbs, to hgtv, her magazines, her catalogues ( -remember those catalogues???)  she has been introducing us to the ‘kind of their kind’, makers, doers, herders, harvesters, people who create things with care, attention to detail, high quality over flimsy mass production, people who work with nature and natural materials. the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker, we met the ones to know first on Martha’s shows.  to me, she is the  god-mother of the current crafting craze leading to the success and popularity of well-curated craft fairs. so it took 20 plus years to sow those seeds she threw but here we are, deep in the digital age, doing analog things with dowels, or hand blocks, or lathes, or leather crafting saddle-makers, loom weaving, dying hand spun yarns with plant dyes -then bringing the goods to the people via virtual and real time markets. this is old school/new school crafting and it’s a really good thing  so, yes, I am kind of beyond jazzed to have products included in her curation! read more about Martha Stewart American Made and the 2 day market in Grand Central Station in autumn.