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vogue says: the box bag is back! and i agree. 0

ab sac 1.5 color

sac 1.5 natural out and about in venice, ca.

vogue box red

vogue box kids 2

vogue box kids

the box bag is back! in august vogue.    ph: bruce weber.    ed: tabitha simmons

 claire danes b:w wh    claire danes 1.5

sac 1.5 white, out and about, in nature.


fall forward 0

it is finally some kind of autumn here in southern california. it even rained one night and morning! it is finally crisp more often than not. so, in response to this news worthy weather situation , a new jesse kamm cape had to be added to the mix. the crisp air has also brought a flurry of good tidings in the form of press and new accounts. 
monamoore cmag 11.14002

big love to lisa bush of  mona moore for the lovely shout out in november c magazine. love to love you too, lisa!

i+w sac

and some new stockiest: hello nashville  and imogene + willie!


and in case you hadn’t heard, domino magazine is back on newsstands and with a new online store to boot.

i just love this season. the weather, the autumnal harvest of fruits (i LIVE for apples, persimmon, pomegranate…) and veggies (sweet potato, squash, cauliflower, tomato soup, lentils carrots…), cozy clothes and lots going on -making, doing, seeing and recharging. onward forward. backward never.