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one kings lane now through 9.10.13 0



okl printing 3okl sale


i am pleased to be included in one kings lanes latest artisanal sale: making scents! now thru 10 september. also featured in this sale: dear friends wendy polish and jo strettel’s candle line le feu de leau , mcmc fragrances and oui ceramic candles. check us out, here.


tomboy style X agnes baddoo leather goods = one love 1




ab tomboy header

lovely lizzie garrett gives some love to my leather goods on her blog, tomboy style. much love. much thanks, lizzie! 

ab tomboy stylesac 1 is currently available online here and at priscillawoolworth.com.


parachute market: this weekend 3


i am so looking forward to participating in this event this weekend.

i’ll be bringing

sac 1 sac 2


bag o sprays

hope to see you there!


carolina k y tepoztlan 0

IMG_1706 IMG_1676 IMG_1700 IMG_1673  IMG_1678 IMG_1691   IMG_1681 IMG_1686 IMG_1689 IMG_1685IMG_1679 IMG_1710

wife, mother, musician, fashion designer, carolina k is truly a renaissance woman. argentinian by birth, based in mexico, with a line sold all over the world, her creations are inspired by her travels and love of hand craft.  modern interpretations of traditional folk dress and craft, carolina works closely with crafting communities throughout latin america to create collections for men, women, children and home. all the while with a business emphasis on social responsibilty. originally, heathermarie turned me on to her friend’s clothing line well over 12 years ago. in fact we even used some pieces in photo shoots, back in the day. then, as  zero-degrees-of separation would have it, one recent summer one of her sun-dresses was a huge hit at lost  & found for me and some of my friends. (yes, sarah brady, the dress!) hm had been cyber-linking us for what seemed like forever so, of course, one of our first adventures was a short road trip to visit her at her studio in tepoztlan. as you can see, it did not disappoint! carolina is warm, relaxed, friendly, vibrant -just like her clothes! we passed the time trading stories, finding more people in common and catching up like old friends. dresses and knit leggings (inspired by peruvian sweaters) left with us that day.

in the works, is a collaboration with heathermarie and carolina that i cannot wait to get my hands on! stay tuned…

IMG_1668 IMG_1733 IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1724 IMG_1735 IMG_1747 IMG_1739 IMG_1752 IMG_1759 IMG_1762 IMG_1767


coyoacan pt2: what frida (and diego) wore 0

among the many noteable residences in coyoacan, (like trotsky’s hideout,) is la casa azul,  where frida kahlo lived with diego rivera and home to the museo frida kahlo. one of the most famous latin american artists in the 20th century, reknowned for her paintings, physical (and emotional) tribulations, frida kahlo is also revered for her defiant,  flamboyant style. inspired by the beautiful traditional dress of the people of Tehuantepec, a southern city where her mother was from, she also used these outfits to either call attention to or divert attention from a variety of physical afflictions resulting from childhood polio (embroidered platform shoes) and a near fatal auto accident (her sculpted, be-dazzled corsets). 
until recently, all we had seen are photographs and paintings of fridas’ elaborate outfits, never the garments themselves. after her death, rivera locked away all her belongings, corsets, huipiles, skirts, capes, gowns and accessories. after his death they were  in the safe keeping of a friend  who kept them until her death in 2002.  as if frozen in time, the permanent collection of the museo frida kahlo includes art and ephemera of both frida and diego, placing social and historical significance with letters, newspaper clippings and photographs.  but now through november, there is also a small gallery housing temporary, rotating exhibit called, Appearances Can Be Deceiving, of  a few of her outfits, accessories, photographs and some contemporary fashion inspired by her oft-imitated style.

you best believe we made a bee-line to pay homage to this style icon (sneaking a few pix along the way!)

IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1909IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1916IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1920


coyoacan by bike 1

coyoacan is one of 16 boroughs of mexico city. it’s name, in nahuatl, means ‘place of the coyotes’ and is where the aztecs named this pre-hispanic village mostly populated by the tepenec people. hernan cortes and the spanish used this area as their headquarters making it the capital of ‘new spain’ around 1523.  over the centuries the urban sprawl of mexico city developed around coyoacan leaving its’ cobble stone streets, alleys, plazas, gardens and many homes relatively intact amidst a vibrant, thriving bustling community. for locals or tourists, i can think of no better way to explore this gorgeous neighborhood than by bike. so we did. heathermarie’s friend febo, a professor of urban planning at the university, also operates a bike tour company and was our knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide/host. in the cool of mid-morning we breezed through the streets, taking in the sites, while febo explained  historical and social significances, often stopping along the way to explore gardens or alleys or doorways or whatever caught our eye. you get to cover so much more ground, breezing around by bike. we had a light lunch at a nearby cantina and afterwards, walked back to wander some more on own. febo and his mexico bike tour offer tours of other areas i would’ve liked to explore, had i the time. next visit. when you visit mexico city i highly recommend adding their bike tour to your list of must-see + do’s.

IMG_1779 IMG_1782 IMG_1798IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1805IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1815IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1829IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_1841IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1848IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1879IMG_1866 IMG_1863 IMG_1873IMG_1875 IMG_1880 IMG_1883 IMG_1891 IMG_1864 IMG_1895


echo park craft fair: may 11 + 12 0


what a line-up!  this is sure to be another wonderful event. loads of great craft, collectibles, mother’s day offerings (- i’ll be there with everyw’air sprays and debuting some new creations), flora, edibles and talent.  PLUS a unique (especially for la) opportunity to roam the neighboring streets and explore interesting things; same location as the ’12 holiday fair, the arts district close to little tokyo, moca, metro line etc. so pace yourself and make a day of it!  look forward to seeing you there! oh, did i mention moon juice? and blue corn quesadillas???

821 east 3rd street, 90013

introducing: # 9. 
and the everyw’air sac #1! 

the UPsetter 0

IMG_0766 IMG_0759IMG_0753 IMG_0729IMG_0731 IMG_0770IMG_0746 IMG_0736IMG_0755IMG_0775

the one, the only lee “scratch” perry. was doing his thing, live and direct, at dem passwords in west hollywood on 4.20.13. his show “repent americans” will be up till june 15. go check it. 

the upsetter, a documentary by the duo responsible for the current show.

an infinite source of audio, visual inspiration and thought provocation, this upcoming  documentary, vision of paradise, also looks very promising.

some bob marley X  lee “scratch” perry



winter always turns to spring 0

if the sun and moon were not in the heavens, how could plants and trees grow?…those who believe in the Lotus Sutra are as if in winter, but winter always turns to spring. never, from ancient times on, has anyone heard or seen of winter turning back to autumn. -nichiren daishonin

IMG_9604 IMG_8923 IMG_9878IMG_9863 IMG_9872 IMG_9796IMG_9542 IMG_9877 IMG_9813IMG_9519 IMG_9515 IMG_9881IMG_9502 IMG_9802 IMG_0143IMG_9492 IMG_9401 IMG_9017IMG_0295 IMG_9034 IMG_8974IMG_0178 IMG_0096 IMG_0217 IMG_0111  IMG_9391 IMG_9818IMG_0292 IMG_0094 IMG_0095IMG_0302 IMG_9130 IMG_9182IMG_0293 IMG_0183 IMG_0242IMG_0175 IMG_9606 IMG_9408

winter always turns to spring. for that, and many other things, i am thankful!  since last i posted, much has happened: hibernation, creation, hacking, manifestation, visitations, phishing, rebuilding, deciphering, planting, planning and living. simply. in no particular order, the last couple of months, in pictures. 


t’is the season 2 – this weekend! 0

what a line up! we’ll be there…hope to see you too!


j. augur @ in aqua veritas 0

just a taste from the j. augur trunk show at in aqua veritas, (feal mor’s other store,) 2 doors down. happening now, while supplies last. G O! 

4210 santa monica bvd, 90029


deck the halls…in ojai 0


thank YOU kenny and the ojai rancho inn! deck the halls was an awesome experience! so much talent, good vibes, good eats, good music. (special shout out to bianca and channon -welcome wagon to their new frontier…)


t’is the season 2 0

for holiday gift bazaars!

come up to ojai this saturday, dec 8, from 3 -10pm, for a great holiday pop-up gathering at rancho ojai inn. so many great makers…i’ll be there with the echo park outpost! hope to see you! tell your friends …


t’is the season 1 0

for holiday gift bazaars!

i am thrilled everyw’air  is part of  the bureau of trade X storefront bazaar, downtown, in the ‘arts district’. opening reception this friday dec7, 7 – 9pm!


erica tanov X marin country mart holiday bazaar 0


feal mor opening party. in silver lake. this sat 27 oct! 0

 see you there!

echo park outpost X couer | oct 15 – 17 0

 honored to be among such wonderful and diverse talent.  hope to see you there!


atwater village farm 1





so, it’s october and in la last week was hotter than hades (not that i’d know exactly). even with the triple digits, my east coast internal calendar-reflex tells me that in october i must start stocking up provisions for some serious cozy-time cooking activities. involving the stove, the oven, the crock pot, the dutch oven, the sauce pan,  and of course, the pie pan. all the cast iron pans are seasoned and ready. it’s on! slow and low roasts, stews, soups and  survey of all the delish gourds, nuts, roots you’d expect to fall out of the proverbial cornucopia. that’s where my mind and palate is although i’d have to stick my head in the freezer to find just one cool breeze. but i digress. on my way to a knitting store, to peruse wool for a weaving i’m working on, (i am totally preparing for winter hibernation, global warming be damned) i happened upon an awesome, not-too new but new to me, grocery store: atwater village farm: a ‘farm to table corner store.’ like neighborhood grocery stores of yore,  it’s the perfect, not too big/not too small scale, with the right representation of everything you could need that’s fresh, mostly local, useful, healthy (alexis smart’s flower remedies, yay!), delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering and affordable. local produce, vegan, gluten/sugar-free AND full-o-wheat/sugar stuffs, dairy and nitrate-free antibiotic-free meats -happy, under one roof. it’s the 21st century utopian grocery store. and soooo attractively presented. friendly, helpful, knowledgable, proud staff. and did i mention -affordable? this is when and where the cozy-time stockpile urge kicked in. stop in, you’ll see what i mean.

3224 glendale blvd, los angeles, ca 90039. 323.660.8888. mon – fri 9a – 9p sat/ sun 9a – 7p


it’s libra season 0

time to get your balance on….

here and here.


win-it wednesday giveaway! 1

yesterday, elaine brooks, of  the list collective, featured a list of some of yours truly’s favorite online shops. today, the love continues with their WIN IT WEDNESDAY GIVEAWAY!  yes, all caps for this one. click here for details on how you can win a set of everyw’air sprays!  tell your friends…GOOD LUCK!