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the year in pictures. thanks to you, everyw’air was everywhere and sac 1 sac 2 were partout. it was good. inspiring, encouraging, uplifting and good. and i thank you! in no particular order, a shout out to the people, places and enterprises that put the wonder in my wonderful: feal mor, bazar, platform experiment, chay, dream collective, moon juice, beautiful dreamers, priscillawoolworth.com, alder & co, beatrice valenzuela, garde, jess browne, storefrontLA/parachute market, echo park craft fair, kneeland mercado, pressSF, west coast craft, le feu de l’eau, velvet by graham & spencer, la HMshelter social club. dpbm liberty fair drugstore, a love movement, tomboy stylekeep it chic, jiggy loves, honestly wtf, busy being,keep feeling fascination,pure wow, miss moss,the radder.

peace, blessings and one love to all!

6 was nice. here comes(2+0+1+4) 7! 


coyoacan pt2: what frida (and diego) wore 0

among the many noteable residences in coyoacan, (like trotsky’s hideout,) is la casa azul,  where frida kahlo lived with diego rivera and home to the museo frida kahlo. one of the most famous latin american artists in the 20th century, reknowned for her paintings, physical (and emotional) tribulations, frida kahlo is also revered for her defiant,  flamboyant style. inspired by the beautiful traditional dress of the people of Tehuantepec, a southern city where her mother was from, she also used these outfits to either call attention to or divert attention from a variety of physical afflictions resulting from childhood polio (embroidered platform shoes) and a near fatal auto accident (her sculpted, be-dazzled corsets). 
until recently, all we had seen are photographs and paintings of fridas’ elaborate outfits, never the garments themselves. after her death, rivera locked away all her belongings, corsets, huipiles, skirts, capes, gowns and accessories. after his death they were  in the safe keeping of a friend  who kept them until her death in 2002.  as if frozen in time, the permanent collection of the museo frida kahlo includes art and ephemera of both frida and diego, placing social and historical significance with letters, newspaper clippings and photographs.  but now through november, there is also a small gallery housing temporary, rotating exhibit called, Appearances Can Be Deceiving, of  a few of her outfits, accessories, photographs and some contemporary fashion inspired by her oft-imitated style.

you best believe we made a bee-line to pay homage to this style icon (sneaking a few pix along the way!)

IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1909IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1916IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1920


coyoacan by bike 1

coyoacan is one of 16 boroughs of mexico city. it’s name, in nahuatl, means ‘place of the coyotes’ and is where the aztecs named this pre-hispanic village mostly populated by the tepenec people. hernan cortes and the spanish used this area as their headquarters making it the capital of ‘new spain’ around 1523.  over the centuries the urban sprawl of mexico city developed around coyoacan leaving its’ cobble stone streets, alleys, plazas, gardens and many homes relatively intact amidst a vibrant, thriving bustling community. for locals or tourists, i can think of no better way to explore this gorgeous neighborhood than by bike. so we did. heathermarie’s friend febo, a professor of urban planning at the university, also operates a bike tour company and was our knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide/host. in the cool of mid-morning we breezed through the streets, taking in the sites, while febo explained  historical and social significances, often stopping along the way to explore gardens or alleys or doorways or whatever caught our eye. you get to cover so much more ground, breezing around by bike. we had a light lunch at a nearby cantina and afterwards, walked back to wander some more on own. febo and his mexico bike tour offer tours of other areas i would’ve liked to explore, had i the time. next visit. when you visit mexico city i highly recommend adding their bike tour to your list of must-see + do’s.

IMG_1779 IMG_1782 IMG_1798IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1805IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1815IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1829IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_1841IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1848IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1879IMG_1866 IMG_1863 IMG_1873IMG_1875 IMG_1880 IMG_1883 IMG_1891 IMG_1864 IMG_1895


mexico city: primera parte 1

about that time i went to mexico city, to visit my dear sister heathermarie, for the first time, after many years of her living there! boy, did she show me a grand time,  take me to beautiful places, introduce me to wonderful people who also shared their gorgeous, vibrant city with me  – generally, make me wonder what the heck took me so long to get my ass down there! tlalpan, centro historico, coyoacan, tlalpuente, la condesa…pre-colonial, colonial, mid-century modern, contemporary modern -it’s all going on…good friends, fine food, textiles, art and culture -this long overdue trip was so up my alley.  i can hardly wait to return!

enjoy primera parte of my whirl-wind tour!

IMG_1471 IMG_1480 IMG_1573 IMG_1593 IMG_1600 IMG_1621 IMG_1631 IMG_1637 IMG_1928 IMG_1571 IMG_1609 IMG_1647IMG_1933 IMG_2043 IMG_2059 IMG_2063 IMG_2065 IMG_2072 IMG_2086 IMG_2087 IMG_2103 IMG_2107 IMG_2115 IMG_2135 IMG_2149 IMG_2151 IMG_2156 IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2208 IMG_2212 IMG_2226 IMG_2215  IMG_2230 IMG_2232 IMG_2245 IMG_2254 IMG_2257 IMG_2264 IMG_2269 IMG_2270 IMG_2274 IMG_2300 IMG_2334 IMG_2338 IMG_2342 IMG_2347 IMG_2363 IMG_2356 IMG_2367 IMG_2425 IMG_2434 IMG_2443 IMG_2446 IMG_2458 IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2474 IMG_2488 IMG_2510  IMG_2538 IMG_2553 IMG_2567


shout out, part deux 2

recently, i had the pleasure of having an in-store, style play-date at feal mor, one of my favorite shops, run by two of my favorite people – jp and shaheen plunier. if you still haven’t been, go.  amidst the gato heroi surf boards, amsterdam wetsuits, the mini dj mixer, vintage military and all sorts of covetable objets, feal mor is known for jp’s whimsical take on traditional breton menswear  -all of which are easy enough to mix into my wardrobe. but did you know there are also many gems in the store for the ladies?

the day i saw shaheen, (madame, lady feal mor) rocking their new cap sleeved mariniere i knew i had to a) get one and 2) share the news. big time. and that’s how i happened to do some rearranging and spotlight some lady-looks featuring feal mor, delphine atelier, de rien, some vintage military shirts, sailor pants, j. augur bags and liwan sandals.


fun (and champs) was had by all. and no one was punished. ok, maybe a wallet or two may still be smarting, but, hey…


ps: the cap-sleeve marinieres are flying out the door, so you know what to do about that…


pps: attention fienders: i hear a new stash of ceramics by eric darrow and batik linens by kathryn herrman is imminent.

feal mor   165 s la brea   los angeles ca 90036    323.939.6600


shout out 0

yesterday, i awoke to discover that shiva rose, (author of one of my most favorite blogs, the local rose,) included everyw’air sprays in her list of ‘loves’, on a new (to me) site called bungaluxwell, thank you and good day to everyone!  venus transit, so far, so good.


echo park craft fair: may 12 + 13. see you there. 0

so much goodness: clothing, jewelry, accessories, everyw’air sprays, partout -the roll-on, herbal remedies, flowers, linens, art, stationary, sculpture, posters, stained glass, yummy eat treats + more.  be there and meet the makers!


save the date! 0

see you there!


happy holliday 0

some days i’m all about color, color, color…sun vault color.

other days, i’m happily blue, blue, indigo, denim, chambray, blissed out blue.

gorgoeus paintings by hadley holliday @ taylor cordoba 


1.2.12 where’s everyw’air? 2

when this site launched 1.1.11, 2 stores were championing the 3 everyw’air sprays. and that was extremely nice. very encouraging. what a difference a year makes! 365 days later: 10 stores, 4 cities and a new product  – partout. it’s been a slow and steady, sometimes bumpy, often up-hill, always forward, mostly pleasant ride.  

love, blessings and gratitude to all the friends, family and shops that helped spread positivity everyw’air in 2011!


                                  lost & found 6320 Yucca Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028, 323 856 5872
                                   feal mor 165 South La Brea  Los Angeles, CA 90036, 323.939.6600

                  post 26, brentwood country mart  225 26th st, #35, Santa Monica, CA 90402 (310) 451-0950

                new high (m)art      1720 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027  (323) 638-0271

                            vivier and bentley 1404 Micheltorena, Silver Lake, CA 90026 (323) 665-2476

busy-being 913 East Cesar Chavez  Austin, TX 78702P/F: 512.520.9278

art in the age 116 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

beautiful dreamers  326 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (718) 388-4884

yolk 1626 Silver Lake Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90026(323) 660-4315


here’s to more good vibe maintaining, optimum health achieving, dream full-filling, talent sharing, creativity flowing, music making,  wisdom gaining, nature exploring  and up-ful stuff like that, in 2012!       peace and blessings,  xxxagnes




a swedish love story 0

my goddaughter, ama, turned me on to this trailer. does she know me, or what?!? i could hardly stand it! the simple, timelessness of the styling and cinematography is -perfection. roy andersson‘s En kärlekshistoria/A Swedish Love Story was released in 1970, but besides the cars, nothing else really dates it. it could easily be a contemporary a.p.c. campaign. the fresh, wholesomeness of tween ‘first love angst’ reminds me of the outsiders or  the virgin suicides -but with even better omni-style styling. really. you can watch some short clips on you tube but i cannot wait to see the whole film and check out other works of swedish filmmaker, roy andersson.

here’s another other non-disney ‘tween’ film i loved.


tantra song 0

tantra song, a rare collection of mesmerizing paintings on salvaged paper, by hindu tantra devotees, collected by franck andré jamme.   “things of beauty used to awaken heightened states of consciousness.”  indeed.


brentwood pitstop 1

whenever i’m west of westwood, i will find any excuse to make a pitstop through the brentwood country mart, see what’s shakin’. an indoor/outdoor cluster of shops and food is a throw back in time -to a calmer, low-key, more relaxed, “village main street” commercial experience. in curating this refined retail  + restaurant vortex someone had the good sense to include a mini post office, shoe repair, bookstore and  barber shop  -real neighborhood necessities with your luxuries, please and thank you. it’s says brentwood but i think it’s really santa monica, at least i feel ocean breezes. my most recent brief tour i stopped in post 26, roberta roller rabbit, pippa small and turpan -for my fashion, linen, jewelry and high design household needs, y’know.  making my rounds, i cut thru farmshop but alas, didn’t have time to stop. next visit i intend to indulge -the food is fresh and looks amazing plus there’s prepared foods and a butcher so treats to go. more on the eats later…swing by this thurs 9.8.11, early eve, for their fashion night out event featuring a special screening of bill cunningham new york film and the malia mills documentary short. should be fun…



art in the streets 0

aug 8 is the last day to view a staggering selection of art in the streets @ moca.-from box car tagging, ny wild style, subway train bombs,  stencil art, la calligraphy, photography -it’s exhaustive and invigorating and i cannot believe there’s not enough money to bring this ridunculously awesome, record-breakingly popular show to it’s birthplace -nyc. WTF brooklyn museum??? whatta g’wan? there were lines ’round the block. in LA! downtown was buzzing on a thursday night. parking lots full up at 6 pm! just sayin’. it’s a win-win, popular, all ages, all cultures show. BTW, banksy sponsored “free mondays” so tomorrow should be off the hizzle with peeps…but worth it. N-joy!


orange you glad 1


apricots & valentina 0

june is apricot time! and one of my favorite recipes is featured this month at priscillawoolworth.com.this site is an ever evolving fount of  information to inspire us to  lead healthier,  more eco-conscious, impact-ful lives in harmony with nature.  be sure to check out the june almanac filled with inspiring projects, books and films, great tips for health and the garden -i especially love priscilla’s eco garden tips for gardening by the moon phases!

speaking of gardens, did you know valentina, the super attractive compact composter designed by priscilla, now has a facebook fan page? be sure to “like” valentina at your  next opportunity! if you have one, post updates, share  your experiences.

valentina is the perfect size  for the micro gardener, like me,  working smaller spaces or in pots on terraces, landings, porches etc. here are my tomatoes, strawberries and herbs thriving from valentina‘s bounty.



life is beautiful 0

i love street art. driving around la, not a day goes by when i don’t see something interesting. i grab my camera and shoot it before the light turns or -in the interest of public safety and points on my license, i drive around, pull over, then shoot. coming up in nyc in the 70’s/80’s i’ve seen my share of awesome graffiti/stencil art/murals etc  -it’s still in full effect there, thriving all over the world for that matter, but something is definitely brewing in la, here and now.

there’s an overview of the history of graffiti and street art – art in the streets at the geffen contemporary @ moca thru august 8, 2011. for more la street art, on the web, (-because if you’re here, just look around, it’s absolutely everywhere,) check melroseandfairfax.


baubles and bags 0

clare vivier, who single handedly closed the book on over-logo’d “it” bags (really, a public service,) by creating the chicest, simplest, most functional, pleasingly colorful (or not) clutch/bag/tote varieties and kathryn bentley who, in short, designs the kind of jewelry i want to wear everyday,  just opened a store/studio together!  and that ain’t all: beatrice valenzuela‘s awesome handmade leather  sandals and slip-ons, heather levine ceramics and a rotating selection of artwork from taylor cordoba gallery. welcome to the pleasure dome. almost too much joy. everywhere inside, it’s local talent, luxe-deluxe in organic simplicity. and how about that painted rug???

to no one in particular (you know who you are,) and for no immediate occasion i can think of, i’ll just say:  one of every thing, in every color, please. and thank you!

vivier and bentley: 1404 micheltorena @ sunset. (323) 665-2476. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. monday-saturday. http://www.seevivier.com/; http://www.dreamcollective.com; http://www.kathrynbentley.com;


sprung 1



april almanac 0

have you checked out priscilla woolworths april almanac? DO! it’s a fount of useful and inspiring information: simple recipes( -what’s better than roasted cauliflower? roasted cauliflower with parsley sauce, that’s what), tips for gardening by the moon, eco innovations, thoughtful recommendations to stock in our emergency preparedness kit, plus awesome books and film finds that celebrate the wonders of nature and so much more. enjoy!