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wife, mother, musician, fashion designer, carolina k is truly a renaissance woman. argentinian by birth, based in mexico, with a line sold all over the world, her creations are inspired by her travels and love of hand craft.  modern interpretations of traditional folk dress and craft, carolina works closely with crafting communities throughout latin america to create collections for men, women, children and home. all the while with a business emphasis on social responsibilty. originally, heathermarie turned me on to her friend’s clothing line well over 12 years ago. in fact we even used some pieces in photo shoots, back in the day. then, as  zero-degrees-of separation would have it, one recent summer one of her sun-dresses was a huge hit at lost  & found for me and some of my friends. (yes, sarah brady, the dress!) hm had been cyber-linking us for what seemed like forever so, of course, one of our first adventures was a short road trip to visit her at her studio in tepoztlan. as you can see, it did not disappoint! carolina is warm, relaxed, friendly, vibrant -just like her clothes! we passed the time trading stories, finding more people in common and catching up like old friends. dresses and knit leggings (inspired by peruvian sweaters) left with us that day.

in the works, is a collaboration with heathermarie and carolina that i cannot wait to get my hands on! stay tuned…

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