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so, it’s october and in la last week was hotter than hades (not that i’d know exactly). even with the triple digits, my east coast internal calendar-reflex tells me that in october i must start stocking up provisions for some serious cozy-time cooking activities. involving the stove, the oven, the crock pot, the dutch oven, the sauce pan,  and of course, the pie pan. all the cast iron pans are seasoned and ready. it’s on! slow and low roasts, stews, soups and  survey of all the delish gourds, nuts, roots you’d expect to fall out of the proverbial cornucopia. that’s where my mind and palate is although i’d have to stick my head in the freezer to find just one cool breeze. but i digress. on my way to a knitting store, to peruse wool for a weaving i’m working on, (i am totally preparing for winter hibernation, global warming be damned) i happened upon an awesome, not-too new but new to me, grocery store: atwater village farm: a ‘farm to table corner store.’ like neighborhood grocery stores of yore,  it’s the perfect, not too big/not too small scale, with the right representation of everything you could need that’s fresh, mostly local, useful, healthy (alexis smart’s flower remedies, yay!), delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering and affordable. local produce, vegan, gluten/sugar-free AND full-o-wheat/sugar stuffs, dairy and nitrate-free antibiotic-free meats -happy, under one roof. it’s the 21st century utopian grocery store. and soooo attractively presented. friendly, helpful, knowledgable, proud staff. and did i mention -affordable? this is when and where the cozy-time stockpile urge kicked in. stop in, you’ll see what i mean.

3224 glendale blvd, los angeles, ca 90039. 323.660.8888. mon – fri 9a – 9p sat/ sun 9a – 7p


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  1. Lisa

    October 14, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    My experience mirrors yours with one huge exception, I have been in the shop numerous times and have Never had the staff greet me let alone offer assistance. Big miss….


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