malibu. a simpler time 0

i’ve been enjoying roddy macdowell’s home movies of his casual malibu gatherings, shot over the summer of 1965.  the films are short, silent and somehow, completely captivating.  in an era when movie star candids were rare, when privacy meant private, when even tabloid mags were mostly staged photo ops, seeing so many legends, in their youth, relaxed, chatting, drinking, smoking, doing crossword, with their (never seen in tabloids) kids playing on the beach – sheds a new light on the icons we mostly knew through  -dare i say it, their work.  this is no e!/mtv “who are these people and why do we care” beach mcmansion set-up.  it’s a cavalcade of truly talented stars: actors, writers, directors, studio execs of the day with spouses, kids and pets, hanging, (as we all do, with our friends,) nothing fancy.  there’s tuesday weld, natalie wood, jane fonda, paul newman, susanne pleshette, hope lang, ruth gordon(!) to name a few but i will say, for me, the starriest of stars in any of these shorts is the regal, tall, tan and lovely lauren bacall. chic-er than chic, a timeless summer-style inspiration, captivating everyone in her midst.  you don’t need to know what she’s saying, the body language says it all…



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