shout out, part deux 2

recently, i had the pleasure of having an in-store, style play-date at feal mor, one of my favorite shops, run by two of my favorite people – jp and shaheen plunier. if you still haven’t been, go.  amidst the gato heroi surf boards, amsterdam wetsuits, the mini dj mixer, vintage military and all sorts of covetable objets, feal mor is known for jp’s whimsical take on traditional breton menswear  -all of which are easy enough to mix into my wardrobe. but did you know there are also many gems in the store for the ladies?

the day i saw shaheen, (madame, lady feal mor) rocking their new cap sleeved mariniere i knew i had to a) get one and 2) share the news. big time. and that’s how i happened to do some rearranging and spotlight some lady-looks featuring feal mor, delphine atelier, de rien, some vintage military shirts, sailor pants, j. augur bags and liwan sandals.


fun (and champs) was had by all. and no one was punished. ok, maybe a wallet or two may still be smarting, but, hey…


ps: the cap-sleeve marinieres are flying out the door, so you know what to do about that…


pps: attention fienders: i hear a new stash of ceramics by eric darrow and batik linens by kathryn herrman is imminent.

feal mor   165 s la brea   los angeles ca 90036    323.939.6600



  1. Janice Brennan

    September 7, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    Hey there! Will you please let me know when and how I can buy a Kathryn Herrman batik tablecloth? My stupid dalmatian ripped mine to shreds. And by the way, EMINENT is famous–IMMINENT is forthcoming. Just saying.
    Your website is darling.
    Thanks so much.

    • ab

      September 7, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      hi janice,

      thanks for your comments and spell-check, much appreciated! for kathryn herrman anything, i would contact feal mor directly through their website. the store has moved from la brea and will re-open in silver lake in a couple of weeks. this way, you could either order via email or when they re-open. either way, you’ll be in their loop. good luck! glad you like my site. all the best, agnes


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