the valentina 1




compost: the new black -gold. i am the proud owner of a prototype of the illustrious composter –the valentina. (the definitive model is available at i just love it! it’s the perfect size for apartment terraces and those with small or potted gardens. i can’t wait to see the results! so far, all is decomposing nicely. the greens (pulp from the juicer, other veggie/fruit scraps) and the browns (dry leaves, used coffee grounds) and the shredded paper (junk mail) seem to be getting along just fine and maintaining the right amount of moisture. next step: worms! i’ll keep you posted on the progress…


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  1. Caasi

    August 25, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    This is so small and cute! I like how non-obtrusive it is. My husband and I have wanted to start composting. When we purchased our home, the previous owner had done a lot of composting and all our soil is rich with nutrients. We looked into it and other models were so large or ugly. This one would fit right in with our yard… or should I say blend in…


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