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one of the great surprise pleasures of  facebook:

i “joined” this group called “i survived the central park bandshell” where many generations of parkies reconnect, post pictures, memories and recollections of their experiences in central park from the late 60’s through the 80’s. i check in from time to time. recently, members of the group i actually knew from our hood started posting photos (many probably out-takes or high school photo class assignments that might’ve seemed uninteresting at the time) and recollections more specific to the upper west side of my radius in particular -before columbus ave became so  chi-chi gentrified. such a sentimental journey down memory lane.  today  following backstory and video was posted:

You guys might enjoy this. This is a stop-action movie I made in 1979 of a walk through some of the Upper West Side.
I start by walking south on the east side of Broadway from 87th. Then I turn east on 86th St and walk to CPW, then south down CPW along the park. The song was written by me in 1981 for my band “Comateens”. I recorded it in 1988, and then when YouTube came along I realized my film might make a good visual accompaniment for it. -Nicholas West


i just love how with  access to things long since stored away, patience and imagination all these mediums can come together and make something truly more significant than the individual parts might have been at the time…thanks nicholas west! ENJOY!


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