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i love street art.¬†driving around la, not a day goes by when i don’t see something interesting. i grab my camera and shoot it before the light turns or -in the interest of public safety and points on my license, i drive around, pull over, then shoot. coming up in nyc in the 70’s/80’s i’ve seen my share of awesome graffiti/stencil art/murals etc ¬†-it’s still in full effect there, thriving all over the world for that matter, but something is definitely brewing in la, here and now.

there’s an overview of the history of graffiti and street art – art in the streets at the geffen contemporary @ moca thru august 8, 2011. for more la street art, on the web, (-because if you’re here, just look around, it’s absolutely everywhere,) check melroseandfairfax.


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