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i appreciate and actually prefer, my consciousness raising encouragements to be aesthetically pleasing, so, todays’ post features posters by my friend dianna cohen, artist and co-founder of the plastic pollution coalition.  for over 20 years she has been piecing together gorgeous compositions, mostly re-using plastic bags (and other re-purposed materials) – that’s one way to keep it out of the waterways.  another is by making a conscious effort to refuse plastic whenever possible. then, at the very least, we are no longer contributing to the plastic pollution cycle.  here’s my own “don’t bring none, won’t be none” pledge:

i will

1. not buy or acquire any new plastic

2. refuse disposable plastic

3. not cook with plastic nor store food in plastic. remember: if your food’s in plastic, plastic’s in you…

4. minimize all other plastic use (goodbye water bottles, lighters, zip-loc baggies and big tupperware-style storage bins!)

i am trying. really trying to ween from all plastic and to refuse disposable plastics at every opportunity. 1 day at a time.


on that note, for further encouragement of the aesthetically pleasing variety:

if  you are anywhere near los angeles,  this saturday april 2, from 3 -7pm, join the plastic pollution coalition and lost & found as they launch an innovative fundraising event and call to action in hollywood that celebrates the importance of art as a teaching tool. this collaboration will serve as a platform through ongoing education with the goal of creating a shift away from the use of disposable plastics, and embracing a culture of sustainability through workshops, guest speakers, and of course, artwork. on april 2, 2011 the Plastic Pollution Coalition Artist Print Series will be made available for the first time at lost & found 6320 yucca street, hollywood, ca 90028. 323.856.5872


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  1. summer

    April 3, 2011 at 12:23 am

    i am totally down with o.p.p. (opposite plastic pollution or operation plastic pollution). you know what i mean!


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